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Via Gramsci 24 37138 Verona – Italy

Excesses and slow movings in stock?

Our destocking program offers the opportunity to lower the inventory recovering fresh cash, avoiding year end scrapping.

Inventory is a value

  • Customer base service
  • Financial book value
  • Supply chain carbon footprint

Excesses and Slow Moving?

  • Production Mix  change
  • Bulk Purchases unfitting current needs
  • Machinery Technological Innovation: higher
    performances → new component mix

Sell them? At the market price

ICDC job is not about scrapping nor sell-off at stock prices.

Our market mapping and crawlers estimate marketability and the current market price.

Easy to apply 8 steps model, from shelves to buyer’s visibility in 30 days only.

Our Ecommerce, our unique sales driver.

54 served countries: via stock sharing and multi-channel sales

Reach the geographical areas of interest, either guided by SEO or advertising campaigns.

How much does it cost to reach and serve B class customers?

And C class? ICDC can manage them for you.

The sale through ICDC is multi-channel, integrating your legacy network.

The same world class components, perform in a wide variety of application in several industries

Where there’s a Factory, there’s Automation

Reach industrial application in sectors far from your legacy sales network, but technologically contiguous (next door).

Our Sales by Commodities and Brands:

So you are interested now?

Then contact us!