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Do you feel the need to grow up your People
Potential but Algorithms are Missing?

ICDC can offer Algorithms and Implementation Procedures for Several Planning Strategies, Driving Lean Purchase Order Flows and Inventory Optimization.

Our Experience at your Service

Using Historical Data only or Integrated with Statistics and External Variables. All these going together with peer to peer Communication Gateways, like EDI, MRP 2 MRP or FTP.

Rolling Forecast

Discover our Rolling Forecating Program to finetune your Purchasing Planning with your Productions and Sales needs.

MRP – Demand Planning Tools Setting

All MRP Suites of most relevant ERP offer a wide range of Purchasing and Material Planning tools: each component consumption behaviour has a proper setting to be identified among the ones offered as default Opportunities.
The right matching brings better Material Planning and, as last, lower Inventories and No-overstocking.

Are you planning to upgrade your Material Planning tools?

Consignment Stocks:

  • In-hous
  • At suppliers

MRP re-order Strategies:

  • Safety Stock
  • Min/Max
  • Fixed Lot
  • Fixed Time


  • At Earliest
  • At Latest
  • Kanban


  • Open Purchase Orders
  • Rolling Forecast

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