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Via Gramsci 24 37138 Verona – Italy

Why Join our Network?

Your Company can benefit of Scale Volume.

Be part of a Virtual Warehouse greater than the sum of its Individual Parts.

How does it work?

The Network created around its affiliates is based on Drop-shipping, sales take Place through Ecommerce powered by WooCommerce, coordinated by our Control Tower. Shipped from Warehouse to the end User directly, without generating Up-front Costs.

What are the benefits?

ICDC Network of integrating new Companie’s in stock is transforming a Financial Burden the Redundant Stocks, into a Business Opportunity, recovering expected Purchasing Sunk Costs Components.

And about privacy?

Working with our drop-shipping model, affiliate’s name can be left aside,
prices mix may vary from the official ones: our partner s name does not appear, spare
business legacy is not cannibalized nor jeopardized, and its margin preserved.

What make us green?

Non need to generate “new sourcing to production” carbon footprint, last mile delivery is the only raising cost for nature.

Our strengths

Supply Chain optimization is our Duty of care.

Low Running Cost

Easy to Plug-in

No need to have a
Dedicated Order

Lack of Competition

Getting International
Contacts and

No need to invest in
Web Skills

So you are interested now?

Then contact us!