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Test E-commerce sales without investment?

ICDC offers the opportunity to join its network of sellers, get ready for
your direct online sales and gain a multichannel presence.

While your Sales Department focus on business as usual.

iMac e-sales

Would you like to test e-sales before moving into your own ecommerce?

Quickly grab your own experience and decide how to move-in, an inevitable decision.
An easy to plug-in tool with a limited investment, great pay-back and built in-house experience for your next step. 

Is multichannel fancy to your company?

Being part of ICDC network you can reach new customers, with a shield protection of your existing external sales structure and distributors.
You can easily reach regions and industries out of your current sales radar. 


Which are ICDC’s key success factors?

Low start up cost

Easy IT plug-in data

Low running cost

No need to invest in
headcount increase

Integrated logistics

Lean Order Management


No need to invest in
headcount increase

So you are interested now?

Then contact us!